CYBEX: a decentralized crypto-asset exchange

A future exchange system based on the Graphene Blockchain

What is CYBEX

CYBEX is a decentralized exchange that seeks to improve the liquidity of crypto-assets that’s more transparent and secure than the centralized counterparts currently in the market today. CYBEX is an ecosystem that’s built and operated by a network of likeminded partners across the globe in a decentralized network. Its core is based on the Graphene Blockchain Library that’s highly efficient and secure, able to scale up to over 100,000 trades per second with its delegated proof of stake consensus.


Truly decentralized, completely transparent.

Graphene / EOS

Leverages Graphene, a tried and proven technology.

Market maker

Market makers will participate at launch to maximize initial liquidity.

The Centralization Problem

As market interest in cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology mounts, we’re seeing an exponential rise in valuation as well as variety, along with the need to trade them. Unfortunately, almost all of today's exchanges are centralized, which suffer from the following challenges.


Centralized platforms operate in a black box, with the constant risk of investors falling prey to the platform operators’ penchant to leverage information asymmetry to their favor. Illicit practices such as price manipulation, improper usage of investor funds are commonplace occurrences.


Most projects launching ICOs are unfinished or uninitiated, with no utility token to actually distribute to their investors, instead issuing IOUs with the promise to issue tokens at a later date. These IOUs often have limited liquidity, with trading (if any is even offered) mostly limited to the platform that issued the ICO in the first place, or some other centralized exchanges with exorbitant listing fees.


centralized platforms are vulnerable to DDOS attacks that not only severely disrupts trading, but also erodes investor confidence in the process and the ICO model as a whole. They’re also juicy targets for unscrupulous hackers (think Mt. Gox, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, DAO, CoinDash… the list goes on).


CYBEX utilizes the LMAX high-speed matchmaking engine based on the graphene program to achieve a matching capability of millions transactions per second. The system's nodes will be efficient and safe blockchain packaging services through DPOS consensus. In the future, increased scalability will come from the adoption of EOS.

LMAX Engine

Delegated Proof of Stake

Witness Node

Core Advantages

We believe that, by bringing innovations into the protocol layer to facilitate easy and secure transactions, the application layer to improve user experience, and by injecting commercial and operational expertise could all help to greatly augment the adoption of a decentralized exchange. Towards that end, CYBEX brings the following set of improvements and capabilities to bear.

Atomic Swap

CYBEX has successfully implemented CYB-BTC atomic swap by simulatng the Bitcoin scripting system with CYB's multisignature account functionality coupled with a collateral deposit. Atomic swap will be leveraged by CYBEX's witness nodes to automatically match buy and sell orders.

Custody for Gateways

Through our ecosystem partner Nebula Crypto-Assets, CYBEX comes with hardware multi-signature crypto-asset custody functionality built into our gateways to keep the private keys securely locked inside a USB-key's hardware, never entering into any server's memory.

Decentralized Crowd-Sales

CYBEX not only enables users to issue their own assets and launch their own crowd-sales, but also comes with a set of precoded templates to help users get started right away. One such scheme is the Interactive Coin Offering proposed by proposed by Vitalik Buterin and Jason Teutsch, built into CYBEX from day 1.

Price-Stable Currency

To help facilitate trading and minimize crypto-asset volatility, CYBEX will launch with a large set of price-stable currencies (e.g., cyb.USD) that are redeemable for a fixed amount of assets (e.g., 1 USD worth of Bitcoin). This is achieved through a combination of Bitcoin-based collaterals and dynamic interest rates to automatically align supply and demand.

Business Development

Our team has a proven track record in being able to source the best projects and assets for trading on CYBEX. Prior to CYBEX, our team created ICOAGE, which helped to launch 40+ successful ICOs from across the world in the Chinese market, raising over 170mn USD in total within the 6 months it was in operation.

Tokenizing Main Street

Our team is also working with more main street businesses and helping them to tokenize their current business models and trade the tokens on CYBEX. Some deals in the pipeline are with a network of global IoT hardware manufacturers, one of the largest global talent agencies and music distributors, the largest online adspace agency in Japan, and the largest crowdfunding site in Japan.

Mobile-Friendly UI

User experience is a key success factor for any exchange. We're building mobile as well as web interfaces to make sure that users are able to trade, issue new user-defined assets, receive timely information as well as potentially making payments with some of its price-stable assets (e.g., cyb.USD).

Mobile apps are being developed across every platform, with all trades, payments and receipts will be easily accessible on your fignertips.
Issue user-defined assets with a simple and intuitive tap with no technical knowledge required. The newly-created digital assets will then enter circulation on CYBEX right away.
CYBEX mobile app enables customers to make payments with price-stable assets such as cyb.USD, just like fiat currency.
Relevant data and research are pushed to the app according to each user's needs and interests to help them make timely and informed choices.

Core Team

James Gong

Founder of ICOAGE (formerly the largest ICO platform in China) and ChainB (the largest Chinese blockchain media). James has been a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency evangelist and key opinion leader in China since 2012. He has helped to translate innumerable blockchain related articles and whitepapers into Chinese, as well as having authored many books on blockchain, including “The Blockchain Society”, “Blockchain – the New Economy’s Blueprint”, and “Cryptocurrency”.

Yuri Milyutin

Co-founder, marketing expert, and growth master of The 8760 based in London. Miyutin successfully helped with closing following ICOs: Populous, AIGang, and Crypto20, helping them to raise over 80mn USD. Formerly a UX Consultant, Growth Hacker in Evoplay, Kiev, Ukraine, CEO & Product Manager of internal project Holibody in Yandex, Moscow, Russia.

Jianbo Wang

Formerly Director of ETF and China Risk trading at Deutsche Bank Asia, VP of ETF and Equity derivatives trading Citigroup Asia, VP of Equity derivatives proprietary trading at Credit Suisse. Jianbo is familiar with global financial markets and derivatives trading and has a deep understanding of ETF and other innovative financial products. He received both a B.S. and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2003 and 2005, respectively.

Steven Pu

Steven is a serial entrepreneur and strategy consultant, with over a decade of experience advising and implementing strategic transformations for Fortune 100 clients. He was an associate director at Monitor-Deloitte Consulting. He co-founded LinkSens (IoT mesh networks), EviPath (social network for physicians to exchange and discuss medical cases), and Master He (on-call massage service app). He received both a B.S. and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2004 and 2005, respectively.


Budorin Dmytro

Co-founder of Hacken, a tokenized bug bounty marketplace for white hat hackers. Budorin was a senior manager at Deloitte as an auditor and the winner of Deloitte CIS Audit Challenge with his Audit BigData SAP solution. He is one of the top executives within Ukraine’s military defense industry after its large scale reform was launched by the government in 2014.

Ash Han

Ash Han is an angel backer and blockchain evangelist. He is also CEO of Finector, the biggest blockchain/DLT consulting company in South Korea having subscribers of governmental bodies, banks, financial institutions, etc and individuals. He has been dedicated to the blockchain industry since 2012 as an angel investor, co-founder, advisor, community organizer, author and public speaker with a deep understanding of technology.

David Lee

Professor at the Singapore Institute of Management University. Graduated from London School of Economics and Politics, Ph.D. in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. As a pioneer in the REITS industry in Asia, he started his own hedge fund company. He is also an independent director of two Singapore-listed companies and serves on investment committees and boards of two charitable organizations and the Singapore Institute of Economics. Previously worked as the Vice Chairman of Alternative Asset Management Association (Singapore Branch).

Short-Term Development Roadmap

  • October, 2017

    Phase 1 testing: open alpha

  • Feed in real-time external exchange pricing into witness nodes

  • Activate international development teams

  • November, 2017

    Phase 2 testing: real time simulated trading

  • Atomic swap prototyping

  • User issued assets ICO lockup period functionality

  • December, 2017

    External centralized gateway interface scripting

  • Witness node bootstrapped deployment testing

  • January - March, 2018

    CYBEX mobile apps for iOS and Android

  • Client-side wallet multi-signature and multi-currency support

  • In-wallet atomic swap

  • April - June, 2018

    Prototype of hardware wallets with fingerprint sensors linked with CYBEX accounts

  • July - October, 2018

    Mass production of hardware wallets

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Progress

CYB will be distributed to users' CYBEX accounts on 2018.2.26, and users can begin trading CYB then. Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ether will be added in the future.
No, CYB is not an ERC20-compatible token and cannot be used with the imToken wallet. The CYBEX platform comes with its own software and later hardware wallets.
The mobile App is scheduled to launch in July, 2018. Please visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest CYBEX news.
The hardware wallet is scheduled to launch in October, 2018. Please visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest CYBEX news.


James Gong is the founder of CYBEX and ICOAGE (once the largest ICO platform in China) as well as ChainB (the largest Chinese blockchain media). He has been a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency evangelist and key opinion leader in China since 2012. He has helped to translate innumerable blockchain related articles and whitepapers into Chinese, and authored many books on blockchain, including "The Blockchain Society", "Blockchain – the New Economy's Blueprint", and "Cryptocurrency".
CYBEX and the Wanxiang Group currently do not have any business affiliations.
CYBEX is a fork of Bitshares' source code with various upgrades.
Bo Shen is one of our investors and is not inovlved in the project's operations. We are unsure if BM will join the team, hence the removal.


CYBEX's core is written in C++.
Please read the whitepaper for a detailed explanation.
CYBEX's gateways will be operated by experienced and mature operators.

User Guide

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